Janet Saenz-02/20/12

Yay!! I’m glad everything went well on our “first” day. Sorry that so many kids were absent, but you guys were still able to observe many of them.

Jessica & Matt- Thanks for clearly labeling the “part1” and “part 2”.

Matt- Thanks for running the reliability analysis for us. When you run the analysis with only looking at aggression, prosocial, and R&T you have 17 agreements and 0 disagreements across the 5 videos (kappa of 1)!! Way to go guys:)

Also, yes you can change the names but it can quickly get confusing. Please update the google document and I’ll change them for you. Thanks!

Janet 04/06/11

Matt- Your assumption is correct!

Emilie- I’m glad your participant ran smoothly! Also, I will make sure to keep the times you are not available while I’m scheduling more times.

I’m sure that there is probably a way in which we can comment directly to one another’s post? If anyone can figure out how to do this please let us know.


Logging in and out

Hey Guys,

Let’s begin communicating via the website. Remember to log in and out, summarize what you worked on, and include any questions you may have. Soon we can start posting pictures:)

Congrats to Emilie and Farah for running our first eye tracking participants yesterday!! They did a great job!