Week of 3/28-4/1

Tuesday: 12:30-2; Wednesday 1:45-4:15    Total: 4 Hours


I briefly came into the lab on Monday to practice the study on Janet’s Husband. I was only able to get through the first WASI parts. On Tuesday, Emilie and I ran practice runs of the experiment. We practiced administering the experiment, including the scripted dialog, running the eyetracker, and recording data for the WASI. On Wednesday, Emilie and I conducted the experiment on 2 subjects. For the first subject, I ran the first half and Emilie did the second half. For the second subject, we switched; This way we had an opportunity to do the whole thing. We learned a lot, especially because our first subject was not very cooperative. It was a good learning experience and I am sure the following will go even more smoothly.

Have a great weekend!